OKTAPE in Therapy

We have thought taping further and offer you a wide variety of different tapes that will make your treatment even more effective. We don't only offer a wide range of colours and different cuts, we have developed special glues, materials and methods that serve the different needs of our customers.

OKTAPE Massage

The combination of OKTAPE and specially developed massage tools, made of natural beech wood, will enable a short treatment with a long lasting effect

Manuals for professional tapes

 Tips, tricks and new ideas for your professional treatment.

Therapeutical training

 Let us show you how to improve your therapeutical training with OKTAPE 



The classic OKTAPE to cut by yourself. Quality and endurance make  OKTAPE a premium Brand.

5 m roll



The handy Precuts are usefull for fast tapings of the back and other body parts. Also for the OKTAPE massage they are perfect.

25 cm stripes



For bodyparts with a lot of friction, sweat and movement. Especially for your feet and for stabilising joints.

25 cm stripes  Y-cut